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Multiplanter Large

Article number M002

Multiplanter provides much needed relief for your back

New and en innovative planter

The Multiplanter allows you to plant quickly and with increased precision through it’s adjustable distance marker. It is made of a light weight PVC tube which you insert into the soil, then use the lever to open the steel duck bill shaped tip to open up the soil and making the perfect indent for the bulb or seed.

Designed for bulbs and seedlings

Once the Multiplanter is positioned correctly in the soil and the lever depressed, simply drop the bulb or seed down the tube allowing it to enter into the hole made by the duck bill tip.

Multiplanter for gardeners

The new Multiplanter is an innovative new design planter for small and medium planting situations. It is easy to use, light weight and provides a simple way of planting bulbs and plant saplings from a standing position without bending or kneeling. The strong lightweight tube combined with its galvanised steel parts makes the new Multiplanter sturdy and long-lasting.


Weight 2.1 kg
Lenth 95 cm
Ø tube 6.7 cm
Space bar Adjustable, 100-360 mm
Material tube PVC

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