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GUERILU 5+ prong spading fork

Article number GU500+

No more aches from digging with Guerilu

Airs the soil deep down without turning it over so as to preserve microbial life.

The aim of this tool is to work the soil deeply with minimum effort, ventilating the soil and breaking it up but without turning it over so as not to disrupt microbial life.

Ergonomically designed, it enables fast and efficient work with a minimum of effort.

How it works: The GUERILU has five plus 4 25 and 20 cm long prongs that, once sunk into the soil will be tilted to lift it up and break up the soil by a forward and backward movement. To minimise effort, the lever principle is used: with a 1 m long handle the effort is divided by 5 or 6. The arch-shaped support is also good for breaking up the soil by rocking the tool from left to right. 

Earthwaytools, your importer of GUERILU spading fork

There are many tools to work the soil without turning it over: among these are the Biogrif, Actibêche, Biofourche, GrelinetteTM … but only the GUERILU spading fork brings together all the soil working and ergonomic features in one tool. It was developed by a physiotherapist gardener and a blacksmith who pooled their experience to create a new solid and effective tool. The wide opening between the handles allows for the passage of the body while keeping the back straight.

Specifications spading fork 5+

Suitable for dry land, with a harder surface.

Modell 5+4 -prong
Weight 6.00 kg
Material Robust galvanized steel build
Prong length 100-200-250 mm
Working width ca 550 mm


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3575_20200219201642_Gebruiksaanwijzing Guerilu woelvork.pdf Manual Guerilu

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