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Earthway 1600 Fertilizer Applicator

Article number 1600

Earthway 1001-B Fert-A-Ply side dress Fertilizer Applicator

1600 Fertilizer Applicator

Slide the 1600 behind the handle and in front of the rear wheel, between the frame and lock the Attaching Arms over the rear wheel mounting bolt & nut. Calibrated slide plate allows precise flow rates of all granulated fertilizers. Fertilizer can be applied on both sides of the planting furrow. Four position positive action On/Off handle helps eliminate waste. Made from durable weather resistant materials for years of dependable use.


Weight 0.85 kg
Material Aluminium, PVC
Dimension 30 x 31 x 18 cm
Model For Fertilizer 
Color Black
Garantie 5 jaar
Import USA


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3538_20191111163428_EW 1001-B Manual - Exploded View.pdf Download 1001-B | 1600 Earthway

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