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The Simplest Tennis Ball Collector  

The Kollect A Ball  is an extremely lightweight tennis ball collector,  coaches to collect 40-60 balls in seconds and empty them into a larger ball basket. 

Fast, Simple Ball Collection of Kollect A Ball

The ballcollector is suitable for Tennis, Padel, Ping Pong & Pickleball. Tennis ball retriever collects up to 60 balls, is a lightweight and strong tennis ball hopper and glides over surfaces. This type is great for kids, with his easy dispensing into ball trollies. you can hang it on the fence.

Earthwaytools, your importeur for Kollect A Ball Tennisballcollector

We've put our ball collectors through thousands of hours of testing so you can rest assured it won't break down on you. The Kollectaball ball collectors will work on a wide variety of surfaces and are suitable for many surfaces and applications.

Our wires are super strong and will last you a very long time, but if one were to break, then they are easily replaceable. All our products come with spare wires, which ensure this is a product that is going to last.

We think it's time ball collection got a little bit more entertaining and that's exactly what the Kollectaball ball collectors do. With the Kollectaball you turn the most boring moments of clean up into the most fun! 

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