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Basic shovel with Wooden Shaft

Article number Alpin1

Heavy Duty durable Plastic snow shovel, D-Handle  

A tried-and-tested tool with a simple and effective structure, highly valued by users. Metal ferrule.

Durable Plastic Snow Shovel with Wooden Shaft and D Handle is a must need for the home and garden for the cold winter months. Our snow shovel makes easy work of clearing snow. With a long wooden handle, wide scoop and comfortable handle this shovel is ideal for clearing snow from your pathways and drives to prevent accidents and mishaps in the cold weather.

Durable shovel, lightweight and easy to use

Our snow shovel is durable, lightweight and easy to use and is an excellent tool to have handy when the winter weather hits. Can also be used for leaves, waste, mucking out and various other tasks that require the movement of garbage.

Specifications of Snow Shovel Alpin1

Material Durable Polypropylene
Shaft Grip D-Grip
Material Shovel Polypropylene with alu edge
Color Blue
Dimension Shovel 41 x 33 cm
Length (total) 133 cm
Weight 1185 gr

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