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10SW Estate Spreader 4 Season

Artikelnummer 10SW

10SW Tested over 1000 hours of continuous use

Homeowner Spreader for All Seasons

You spread fertilizer on your lawn in the summer and salt on the drive in the winter – you should expect one spreader to get both jobs done! Recommended for use on areas 150m2 to 500m2. The 10SW makes it simple to get your spreading jobs done, and you know you can rely on it when you need it.

10SW with Load bearing capacity of 45KG

In the past, this hasn’t been easy with a basic homeowner model, but we don’t want you to compromise when it comes to spreaders, so the 10SW is perfectly adapted to do both jobs. Leave your spreader in the shed after you spread fertilizer, and next time you come to it, you can pop the winter slide in, and you’re ready to de-ice the drive.

Toos4Season, your importer and supplier

There’s no point having a great fertilizer spreader and fighting with it to get it to put out salt all winter. Go with the spreader that’s perfectly adapted to spreading both products – the 10SW. Contact us for more information.


Weight 5,9 kg
Frame Coated steel
Capacity ltr 30 liter
Capacity kg 36 kg
Material Hopper Poly
Dimension 55 x 60 x 100 cm
Radius 200 - 500 cm
Wheel width 45 cm
Wheels, dimension Pneumatic, 25 x 7 cm
Color Green/Black
Import UK


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